The infinite horizons of tomorrow's Cerutti services.

The IoT as we are used to reading and finding it on (for example) specialized magazines, applied to the B2B business of mechanics, is already old. This is a fact and not just a Cerutti believe. Monitoring, predictive maintenance, production cycles management, data export. All elements of a revolution 2.0 with some taste of 3.0. The 4.0 is a different level.

It is an end-to-end integration from the beginning of the production chain to its end, when its systemic data will only be a folder on a data-base.

This integration makes it possible to build the press in an already integrated environment, which collects data on the life of the machinery, since Cerutti technicians began to assemble it at home, testing its functionality vertically or horizontally. Data that would otherwise be lost and that will tell "things" of the life of the press.

From here we start: the assembly, the start-up, in which to verify times and anomalies, the production start-up, the equipment whole life.

Cerutti’s artificial brain starts developing its own machine learning model to provide the best pre-sets for each production and crosses the data on specific physical thresholds (such as machine vibrations, temperatures, speeds) with the historical series for that precise press model: this is the predictive maintenance.

But this is not enough today, that’s why the Cerutti’s approach to IoT is not only an engine of intelligence that interrogates sensors, exports data to other systems and manages machine learning and predictive maintenance but is a universal receiver. 

Like the AB blood group, the digital brain Cerutti will receive and integrate through a RESTFul APIs layer all the data coming from the other technological elements of the production chain of which the press is the inevitable and incontrovertible chassis: inks, materials on the reel, atmospheric conditions (like the humidity rate),

but also human personnel, with its movement and sometimes its errors, to really keep the process under control and make all its phases intelligible in order to activate a real all-around machine learning and then broad-spectrum controls of what happens on the machine from all points of view.

Overall dashboard & Reports

The first objective is to provide an intelligible dashboard from which to extract reports on the general KPIs (speed, jobs, configuration set) of the press

  • Dashboard target: operator/press manager
  • Reports target: management


The second objective is to verify, through the use of sensors, a series of thresholds to warn the Cerutti operator, in case these were exceeded in a given time through a specific “alerting suite and dashboard”

  • Target: 24/7 Cerutti operator (and eventually customer operator)

Machine learning

The third objective is to collect machine smart data at 6-12 months and build a reliable layer of services (through specific APIs) to track which machine configurations have been more performing in relation to which jobs

  • Target: plant manager/customer chief operating officer
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Universal Receptor

IoT Cerutti application is built to be a “universal donor” of information, in order to make data flows integrable with any legacy application present within the customer technological landscape. At the time of installation, a full documentation will be provided with all the available RESTful APIs. We think this is not enough. The fourth objective of the project is to allow the application to receive data and information from the machines / technologies in line in the printing process with the Cerutti press.

  • Inks
  • Atmospheric elements (humidity)
  • Film/reel of material