What is STAR

The new division of
Cerutti Group

In the century of services
Cerutti opens up to its way of doing services

A Cerutti S.T.A.R. was born: a company within a company, with its own brand, which aims to manage the press from its start-up in the customer's production plant.

For us, that we are used to taking care of every detail, that we consider ourselves the only specialists of gravure technology in the world, that we entrust to the profound knowledge of this world all our hope of the future, services could not just be a fashionable word, but they had to assume a special, always recognizable, original appearance.

This is why we did not only create a division, but a real independent team, with a name, a surname, a business objective, values ​​and a vision: to make Cerutti from the best manufacturer the world of gravure machines, the best partner for the entire value chain of the equipment.

Start-up, Talk, Assist, Renovate, are the key words of this path that will last years and that together with you we will discover and live. Because Cerutti's services are another thing, with the same care as those who have been designing gravure rotary presses for almost one hundred years, and who think not of three-year plans, but of the following hundred.