Technical Audit

The press speaks to us

Technical Audit

The press speaks to us

Today more than ever, thanks to IoT technologies and Smart Data interrogation. This is why we propose, suggest and offer constant verification of the machines on a regular basis, through audits that can combine automatic diagnostics via PLC to manual and operational checks.

Technical Audit

Technical audits are always the first step for us to anticipate future problems and talk about technical and operational innovation of the equipment.

So, for Cerutti a Technical Audit means:

  • An assessment (also operative) on the press potentialities and on the procedural improvements made possible;

  • A punctual check of the wear and the conditions of the most sensitive parts of the machine able to anticipate future problems;

  • An analysis of the state of obsolescence of any components, with a feasibility check on any retrofits and updates;

  • A moment of common control with the customer on possible even “chronic” malfunctions of the press;

  • One of the ways to talk and share experiences that can improve both of us.

Technical Audit

We propose, suggest and offer constant verification

Our field engineers have the objective of conducting a complete assessment of the machine

They analyze through a check-list all the most critical components, comparing them to a consistent data history and possibly focusing their attention on problems that the client himself decides to investigate. This is the key and the strength of this approach to diagnostics, the combination between:

an automatic verification via software queries on the PLC

the extensive experience

the care that only a Cerutti technician can have for the presses we build, and which are born from the same hands.