Improve the efficiency of your equipment.


Improve the efficiency of your equipment

Thanks to the industrial robustness and technological solutions that we have brought into our solutions Cerutti presses have a very long-life cycle. To extend the productive life of your machine and evolve it to production and business needs, it might be effective to start a consistent and continuous upgrade program: here too Cerutti is by your side, with concrete examples and case histories, to understand which upgrades are more suitable for your machinery.


Improve your machine: to extend its technological life, to add features according to your business needs, to improve production efficiency. Upgrade, to us, means this and much more.

In an industrial process every innovation is a step towards a global improvement of the entire core base of installed machinery.

  • If there is a business need, there is a technological solution to support it. Cerutti adopts this approach with its customers in developing and evolving the press during its long-life cycle;

  • Technological obsolescence is not a risk, it is an opportunity to improve hardware and software elements and components in order to transform what is sometimes a duty into a concrete opportunity for innovation;

  • Cerutti continues to innovate without leaving anyone behind: every innovation is studied with a view to maximum retro-compatibility. We are built to last and to improve.


Innovation is not about the extemporaneous gesture of a genius, it is attention to the detail and daily work.

Innovating and evolving a system means studying, planning, every day, to understand the best ways to upgrade

The innovation of a running press is a matter of study, the continuous verification of its functioning, monitoring and sharing of the experiences carried out globally with all our customers. This is why Cerutti offers to its customers:

A program of technical audits on a regular basis, that can make possible to check the status of the machine and study weaknesses and improvement points;

A vast literature of case histories that can constitute elements of comparison for the customer in relation with the best technological practices of the market;

The tailor-made approach that distinguishes Cerutti as the company mindset to study solutions that can meet the client's business needs.