Renewal and evolution of machine


Renewal and evolution of machine

A retrofit is often necessary for extending the equipment life-cycle and for the update of its core components, as well as for the improvement of its performance and its adaptability to the client's business needs.


Renew and evolve to improve performance

These are the main types of intervention and the related benefits.

  • OBSOLESCENCE: to zero the risks of components obsolescence, above all, electrical and electronic elements. This approach takes away and averts the risk of the lack of components that the market considers out of stock and it also allows an update of technological features (in some cases the new features non the press).

  • MECHANICAL UPGRADES: aimed at improving the performance of the machine or improving its operating conditions to improve the productivity by introducing faster or more effective processes and technological innovations on the equipment.

  • ELECTRONIC UPGRADES: electronic upgrades often have the objective of eliminating the risks of component obsolescence, but not only: electronic upgrades provide the customer with the opportunity to access new system improvements.

  • DIGITAL UPGRADES: as additional interventions or as a stand-alone activity, they can sometimes also impact hardware components and they are aimed at the activation of new features (for example Smart Start, Auto-pre- set, Auto-zero) or IoT features for remote control of the equipment.

  • MODIFICATION/ELEMENTS ADDING: the practical demonstration of the equipment ductility as an enabling factor of the business. Further additions can let the customer expanding the technical features of the system to better serve the production of its end customers.


Raise Awareness

Cerutti, with STAR, has launched specific programs to raise awareness of the customer regarding the subject of renewal of the press and its evolution.

With a modular and step-by-step approach, able to minimize the downtime according to the customer's needs in a physical and solar time in line with business requirements, Cerutti analyzes the customer's needs and offers retrofit aimed at renewal, upgrade, update and modification of the press.
These are the indispensable tools:

Technological Audit

Sharing of case histories

Assessment of the equipment and remote-control activities